Street photography in London

I'm going to wight about the past a bit today.

A little while after I moved to London I started to play with a old film camera.

It was more of an experiment or a interest in how film worked.

I eventually started developing my own film and went to use medium format cameras but to start with it was using 35mm SLR cameras I could get my hands on for a very small price.

Any one with in my age group should remember using film but by the time of actually owning a camera we all had digital cameras. It was sort of a mystery to me how film captured images although I knew how modern cameras worked.

I wont go in how I got in to street photography but I spent countless evenings in Soho and around London to find interesting scenes to capture. Some times other european cities.

The biggest part of me doing street photography was the excitement and adrenalin pumping in my veins.

I was always looking for interesting people and some times they would look doggy or scary.

The doggier and scarier they were the more exited I would be.


In total i spent about 2 years doing this. 

I didn't make any money out of this or meet new people to inspire me nor get any jobs from this but it was one of the things which built up my current style and I was able to understand how cameras worked .

Now there is a big box full of developed film which I hope some day I can make a book out of and maybe one day I will add more film to it.