My instax obsession

I've posted a few of my previous instax photos on hear and talked about how I do them but I thought I'd talk about it in depth today.

Originally i was only going to use the instax camera for birthday parties and memory capturing but on day I was using up some left over film in the studio and i accidentally triggered the studio flash.

As you can guess from what i do now the results were interesting and different.

Since than I got to understand the camera a bit more and started taking the instax camera to every shoot i go.

the photos on the here are some of my favorite  ones but if you would like to see more please go and have a look at my instagram from here.

I feel like shooting instax in a studio lets me slow down for a bit and think about what i am trying to do and what I need to focus on.

it sort of reminds me of going to soho on a Friday evening to capture the crazy/cool people. i only had 36 shots on my film camera and I had to really think about what I was doing to prevent waisting any shots.

That's the kind of feeling I get as I shoot maximum 20 instax in the studio.







Talking about the results, it is simply fun.

It has it's own style, color and look.

Hooking up a studio flash gives it contrast an sharpness and it's just beautiful.

I can give one to the model with a message on it, I can scan them when I get home and if i feel like it i can stick it on the wall with some tape.