Understand the instax camera

After writing about using a instax camera in a studio, I got a few questions so I decided to understand the technical side of the camera a bit more.

First of all I would like to mention the information I below only applies for studio use and the complicated “Modes” do not really matter in this case as it will only effect exposure in a studio.


Important specifications

Aperture: Fixed f12.7

Shutter speed: B to 1/400

Metering: TTL

Exposure compensation: -1,+1,+2

ISO: 800


So basically having my DSLR set to 1/125 f4 ISO100 was sort of close to what the instax can do.

The leaf shutter should only effect the ambient light so in this case it shouldn’t do much, we can ignore the camera metering system swell as it will only change the shutter speed and flash power which we don’t use.

As I mentioned many time there isn’t much that you can do on this camera,so once you set your studio flash to f4 and it doesn’t seem right tweak the exposure compensation and try your best.

Simple as that so good luck and make sure you cover the flash on your instax.