Instax in the studio

At the shoot with Yuka I decided to play around a bit/be creative.

I had one of those Fujifilm instax cameras in one of my camera bags and I thought it might be interesting to capture some images with that too. 

The problem with those cameras are that they are so simple there isn't much you can do on the camera it self.

But wait, limitations make you creative right? 

I put the studio flash in to optical sync mode, put the instax in to flash mode, cover in the flash on the instax as I wanted to take the picture with only the studio flash and took a test shot.


Worked like a charm.


I didn't even meter the flash as it was a test but it seemed like it will be ok with only some minor changes. I checked later and it was set to f4.


the only issue  was that because I was covering the small instax flash I couldn’t see anything from the view finder .

With the cosmetic mirror the MUA had there seemed to be no way around this problem so I decided to just go with it.

I had to compose shot before I cover the flash (and the view finder ) and expose.

I wasn’t able to see what I was photographing but it’s just like the good old days when everybody was using large format cameras.


I am pretty impress with the results and if anyone had one of those instax cameras I will definitely recommend using it in a studio environment.


To wrap it up I am putting down some technical info.

The instax has a lens shutter so it doesn’t really matter what speed you are on. (on mine is seems to go from bulb to1/400.

The aperture is set automatically so the results I got were pure luck.  This should depend on the mode you are along with the amount of light reaching the light meter. The max aperture is f22 so if you could find a configuration for this you could compensate the ISO 800 film.


I used a Instax 90 mini neo classic

I used a Instax 90 mini neo classic

This is really a try and error project and I was quite lucky.

If anyone know more about the technical side of the camera please drop me a line.

Maybe one day we can make a “Guide to take photos with a instax in a studio”.