First blog on the day of my Exhibition

it is 7am in the morning on a Saturday which happens to be the one and only day of my exhibition.

I decided to start a blog from today because I wanted to share how I organized the exhibition as I didn't find any useful information on the internet.

I don't want to call this "How to organize a photo exhibition" or "Efficient exhibition planning" or anything on the same line to get you exited but I would put down what I did.

It is very simple.


1. secure a venue.

This is going to be the hardest part but it'll worth it.

What I did is chose a location and just went around galleries and shops who have free space. At my exhibition I had limited budget so I was more focussed in shops with space.

you would be supervise in ow many shops and galleries will actually put up your work for free so just ask them (that part definitely will not cost anything.)

Once the venue is secured now you need to think about the contents.


2. contents

My exhibition was about photographs. I actually took the stupid rout of securing a venue before finishing the pictures. I was probably 2/3 through the project at the time I started everything.

anything is possible but it would be better to take your time at this point.

Be happy with your project and double, triple check everything.

But the most important thing is that you are happy. (who cares what other people think)


3. posters, flyers, SNS promotion...etc

The 3rd is optional. Do it if you want more people. if your lazy maybe just start with a facebook event.

If you like these kind of thing you can go crazy with it.

In y case I asked my friend to do all the dirty work online such as getting in touch with event websites, handing out flyers and posters all over London instead I created the flyers and made sure my twitter and facebook was up to date.


So, that was the simple steps I took in these few months and to be honest it wasn't that hard.

I did spend a few hundred pounds for this but it was cheaper than a lens so I wont complain.

if you have any questions just drop me a line.